Smart designs. Built tough

Welcome to Magnum Australia. Since 1972, we've been developing robust, functional and cost effective high-pressure water dispersal products. Initially focused on the Australian mining and quarry industries, we have expanded our reach to the petrochemical, agricultural, fire fighting and vehicle wash-down industries - with customers in five continents.

We pride ourselves on quality. We believe that investing in the right materials and equipment pays dividends in the long run. All of our products are made in-house, in Australia, or sourced from reputable 'brand name' suppliers from around the globe. We do not sell cheap knock-offs. We are the innovators of the industry.

Spray pattern


Magnum water cannons are the best in the business. From the small, manual MM40, right up to the fully remote controlled RM100 and beyond, Magnum water cannons are the most sturdy and dependable monitors on the market. Built to be used and abused, these cannons can survive the harshest of environments.

Marine-Grade alloys

Spray Head Valves

Magnum spray head valves offer the most control and reliability of anything on the market. Built from the highest quality marine-grade alloys, with polymer inserts utilising the latest developments in materials engineering providing low-maintenance, low fuss water dispersal in all environments.

Simple Valve Design


At Magnum, we embrace new technology and pride ourselves on innovation. Our work in developing RF and PLC controlled monitors has lead to the invention of completely new products never conceived anywhere else. The Storm, for example, is a fully remote controlled mobile crawler, capable of taking a water cannon where no human can safely go.